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Borodirect Two Tone Colored Bubbler

Experience the Majestic Two Tone Colored Bubbler that Elevates Your Glass Collection

Indulge yourself with this beautifully designed and stunning two tone colored bubbler that will surely elevate your glass collection. Crafted from superior quality borosilicate glass, this bubbler boasts of its thick and sturdy glass that ensures durability and reliability.

Bent Neck Feature for Your Utmost Convenience

This impressive bubbler features a bent neck that not only complements its overall aesthetics but also serves functional purposes. The bent neck allows for a more comfortable smoking experience by preventing any splashback from reaching your mouth. Plus, the extended mouthpiece ensures better holding positioning, keeping your hands away from the heat source.

Deep Bowl with Carb for Smooth Airflow

Packed with the finest tobacco and dried herbs, the deep bowl of this bubbler provides longer smoking sessions. The carb on the side of the bowl enables easy regulation of airflow, providing smoother, more satisfying hits. On the other side of the bowl is a raised milli that adds to the bubbler’s intricate design.

Sturdy Base for Reliable Support

Worry no more about accidental breakage or tipping over as this bubbler features a flat and sturdy base that keeps it standing upright even on uneven surfaces. Choose from our selection of several colors and enjoy the bubbler that suits your personality best.

Experience the best smoking session with our Two Tone Colored Bubbler – Get yours now!

Product Features

Bubbler Type Material Design Bowl Feature Colors Available
Bubbler Borosilicate Glass Bent Neck, Raised Milli Carb, Deep Bowl Multiple Colors

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