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dankstop bent neck honeycomb to tree perc water pipe

Experience unmatched smoking pleasure with Dankstop聮s Bent Neck Honeycomb to Tree Perc Water Pipe. Standing at a towering 12 inches, this masterpiece boasts not one, but two percolators, each housed separately for maximum filtration power. The honeycomb percolator features expertly crafted slits for a smooth and even flow of smoke and water, while the 7-arm tree percolator provides additional tunnels for perfect diffusion. The dual action of these percs is nothing short of a superior filtration system, ensuring that harmful toxins and carcinogens are removed, so you can indulge in silky smooth hits every time.

Crafted from top-notch borosilicate glass, this bong delivers optimal performance while being incredibly durable. It features a sturdy, round base that sits solidly on any surface. The 18mm female joint allows for interchangeable bowls and other accessories, while the Dewar聮s joint strengthens the bond between the bong聮s base and stem. The flared mouthpiece is not only comfortable to use but also creates an airtight seal for bigger and better hits.

Dankstop’s Bent Neck Honeycomb to Tree Perc Water Pipe is also a stunning work of art that begs to be shown off. Its sleek and elegant design will easily impress even the most experienced smoker. Moreover, cleaning it is hassle-free, making it suitable for daily use.

So why settle for mediocre smoking experience when you can have the best? Get your Dankstop’s Bent Neck Honeycomb to Tree Perc Water Pipe now and take your smoking game to the next level.

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