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dankstop dichro stripe glass bubbler

The Convenience and Beauty of Dichro Stripe Glass Bubbler from Dankstop

Looking for a convenient glass piece for quick sessions? Bubblers are the way to go! They are compact single-component pieces that offer high stability and convenience. Unlike larger pieces that have several removable parts, bubblers are straightforward to use. However, the aesthetics are crucial when choosing a bubbler, and there are thousands of designs available.

If you’re looking for the most striking option, consider the Dichro Stripe Glass Bubbler from Dankstop. This bubbler stands out because of its dichroic design. The glass is infused with tiny sparkling specks that give the pipe an unparalleled look. Additionally, each piece is handblown and features random colors, making each item a unique piece of art.

The bubbler features a fixed downstem connected directly to the bowl. Plus, it has glass marbles on each side of the bowl to provide extra grip. The piece is 6.5 inches tall and has a flat bottom that allows it to balance easily on any flat surface. Its combination of clear and colored glass makes it visually appealing too.

Cleaning the bubbler is quite simple. You can use hot water, soap, or any glass cleaner safe for standard glass materials. With proper care, you can maintain the pipe’s natural beauty for years to come. So, why not add this fantastic Dichro Stripe Glass Bubbler from Dankstop to your collection of glass pieces?

Table: Features of Dichro Stripe Glass Bubbler from Dankstop

| Features | Description |
| ———- | ———– |
| Design | Dichroic stripe |
| Height | 6.5 inches |
| Stability | Flat bottom |
| Cleaning | Easy to clean |
| Grip | Glass marbles |
| Customizable | Random color |

The Best Glass Bubblers for Beginners

If you’ve never used a glass bubbler, you might wonder where to start. Bubblers are an excellent choice for beginners because they offer basic functionalities with an added advantage of portable and convenient use. Here’s a selection of some of the best glass bubblers for beginners.

Grav Helix 3-In-1 Glass Bubbler Pipe

The Grav Helix 3-In-1 Glass Bubbler Pipe is an amazing bubbler that includes the Helix percolator for smooth, powerful hits. The bubbler features a unique Venturi chamber that helps in cooling the smoke, providing you with cooler hits. The smoke travels through the chamber with support from the borosilicate glass construction, which ensures durability.

GRAV Upright Bubbler

GRAB Upright Bubbler is a premium bubbler designed to fit in your hand comfortably. The mouthpiece is located at the end of the product to provide a natural feel when used. It’s incredibly easy to use and delivers smooth and effortless hits just like smoking from a regular pipe.

Authentic Envy Glass Designs – Double Bubble Mini Bubbler

The Double Bubble Mini Bubbler from Authentic Envy Glass Designs is perfect for beginners who want to start slow. The bubbler is incredibly small and compact, meaning that you can use it with just one hand. It also features a downstem that helps to cool and filter out carcinogenic materials from the smoke. The bubbler is available in different colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your preferences.

Table: Best Glass Bubblers for Beginners

| Bubbler Name | Features | Description |
| ————- | ——————————– | ———– |
| Grav Helix | Venturi chamber, round percolator | Smooth hits |
| GRAB Upright | Comfortable, easy to use | Effortless hits|
| Double Bubble | Small and compact, different colors | Starter bubbler |

How to Clean a Glass Bubbler

Cleaning your glass bubbler is crucial in ensuring that it lasts for an extended period. A well-maintained bubbler will maintain its longevity and provide you with long-lasting service. Here’s a quick and easy way to clean your bubbler.

What You Need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Salt (table salt or Epsom salt)
  • Ziplock bag or plastic container with a lid or seal
  • Hot water, Soap


  1. Fill your bubbler with hot water and a little amount of detergent soap. Let it soak for 30 minutes.
  2. Empty the bubbler and rinse it with hot water.
  3. Add a handful of salt to the bubbler and pour in the isopropyl alcohol. The salt granules serve as an abrasive to loosen and scrub off the resin from the inside the bubbler. The isopropyl alcohol helps in dissolving the resin.
  4. Cover the openings of the bubbler and shake it until most of the resin is removed. Rinse with water to remove the remaining salt and alcohol.
  5. Rinse your bubbler thoroughly with hot water and allow it to dry.

Table: Steps on How to Clean a Glass Bubbler

| Steps | Information |
| —– | ———– |
| Step 1 | Soak the bubbler in detergent soap water for 30 minutes |
| Step 2 | Rinse the bubbler with hot water |
| Step 3 | Add salt and isopropyl alcohol |
| Step 4 | Shake the bubbler to remove resin |
| Step 5 | Rinse the bubbler with water |
| Step 6 | Dry the bubbler thoroughly |

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