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empire glassworks 15 flagship kraken dual use bong

Empire Glassworks has outdone itself with the creation of the 15-inch Flagship Kraken Dual-Use Bong, leaving other decorative pieces envious. This bong boasts an 18mm female joint that enters the main body of the pipe at a 90-degree angle, with a circular disc percolator and honeycomb percolator working in tandem to provide excellent filtration. The base of the bong is incredibly sturdy, thanks to the 3.5-inch diameter stand it sits on. This awe-inspiring piece exclusively uses Dewar’s joints and has a flared mouthpiece designed for a comfortable seal. The quality of these pieces is of world-class standard, and they are entirely made in America.

To state that the 15-inch Flagship Kraken Dual-Use Bong is an epitome of outstanding functionality would be an understatement of its true allure. The captivating nautical theme, featuring the Kraken, pirate ships, tropical fish, and sea creatures, makes it an exceptional work of art. Intricately crafted colored glass is used to make each element of the piece, which is further distinguished by its immense detail and countless hours of painstaking labor.

Apart from being a breathtaking work of art, this Kraken-themed bong includes attachments that enhance the device’s utility while maintaining the same nautical theme. The first attachment is a dropdown adapter that augments the 18mm male to female joints. The second attachment is a dry herb bowl with an enlarged 18mm male joint, while the third attachment is a honey bucket nail with a carb cap, making the pipe compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates.

The Features of the 15-inch Flagship Kraken Dual-Use Bong

Feature Description
Joint 18mm Female
Percolators Circular Disc Percolator and Honeycomb Percolator
Sturdiness 3.5-inch Diameter Stand
Angle of Entry 90 Degree
Joint Type Dewar’s Joints
Mouthpiece Flared
Artistic Theme Nautical
Artistic Features Kraken, Pirate Ships, Tropical Fish, and other Sea Creatures, Intricately Crafted Colored Glass
Compatibility Dry Herbs and Concentrates

The Attachments of the 15-inch Flagship Kraken Dual-Use Bong

Attachment Joint Type
Dropdown Adapter 18mm Male to Female Joints
Dry Herb Bowl 18mm Male
Honey Bucket Nail with a Carb Cap N/A

Empire Glassworks confers an outstanding experience to any smoker privileged to use the 15-inch Flagship Kraken Dual-Use Bong. It is undoubtedly the ideal investment for smokers in search of an exquisite product that offers viable utility combined with intricate, breathtaking aesthetics. This piece of art is worth every penny for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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