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Empire Glassworks Avocado Hand Pipe

The Ever-Popular Empire Glassworks Offers Realistic Avocado Hand Pipe for Avocado Lovers

Avocado enthusiasts around the world can now celebrate as Empire Glassworks, a renowned glass company, brings you the perfect product. If you are a fan of avocados and pipes, this American-made avocado hand pipe will definitely catch your fancy.

The avocado hand pipe is innovatively designed to look like a real avocado, with a very realistic look that can make you mistake it for an actual fruit. It boasts of a rough texture, much like the much-beloved avocados, while the bowl of the hand pipe looks like an amazingly realistic avocado pit. Though it looks good enough to eat, it is actually perfect for smoking your favorite dry herbs.

Crafted in a spoon-shaped form, the hand pipe is relatively small, which makes it a perfect on-the-go choice. But, despite its small size, it is still large enough to hold an adequate amount of dry herb, making it great for everyday use. To ensure maximum durability, it is made of thick colored glass, which guarantees long-lasting usage.

If you’re part of the avocado lovers club and looking for a unique smoking experience, the avocado hand pipe by Empire Glassworks is the perfect choice. Expect an unrivaled and fulfilling smoking sensation with this finely crafted piece.

Features of the Empire Glassworks Avocado Hand Pipe

Feature Description
Realistic Look It looks like an actual avocado with a rough texture and avocado pit-shaped bowl
Small but Adequate The spoon-shaped hand pipe is relatively small, but large enough to hold enough dry herb for adequate smoking
High Durability It is made of thick, colored glass, which ensures maximum durability and long-lasting usage

Benefits of Owning an Empire Glassworks Avocado Hand Pipe

By owning this avocado hand pipe, every smoke break will feel like an experience. This beautifully crafted piece is ideal for those who appreciate a unique and realistic look, with a smoking functionality that delivers satisfaction.

It is a relatively small-sized hand pipe that easily fits into the pocket, making it ideal for on-the-go use. However, it still has a decent bowl size for adequate smoking, making it perfect for everyday use. Furthermore, it is carefully crafted by American glass experts, ensuring the highest level of quality.

This hand pipe is a great way to spice up your smoking game while enjoying the health benefits of avocados. The thick colored glass used for its construction makes it a durable piece, which is perfect for long-term use.


In conclusion, Empire Glassworks has created a masterpiece with the realistic avocado hand pipe. As an avocado lover, you can now express your passion for this tasty fruit by incorporating its design into your smoking sessions. This small but sturdy, premium quality hand pipe is sure to make every smoking session a good one. Get yours today, and let the avocado love be ever-flowing.

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