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empire glassworks blue sea glass spoon

Expand Your Collection with the Exceptional Blue Sea Glass Spoon from Empire Glassworks

If you are an enthusiast of glass pipes, with a collection that spans various design styles and artistic expressions, you are always on the lookout for the latest addition to elevate your collection. Spoon-style pipes are particularly popular because of their relatively basic structure, and their versatility in serving as templates for creating more intricate and aesthetic pieces. Empire Glassworks’ Blue Sea Glass Spoon is a perfect example of how the simplicity of a spoon pipe can be extrapolated into something truly exceptional.

Crafted with remarkable detail and precision, this pipe stands out among others. It combines blue glass swirled with dichroic colored glass that has a green hue. It features a unique array of coral designs as well as tropical fish such as angelfish, clownfish, and several others. The durable borosilicate glass can handle most short drops, while the bowl is deep enough to provide ample space for multiple users. The side of the bowl has several marbles built-in for maximum grip, and the glass was handblown in the United States.

The Blue Sea Glass Spoon from Empire Glassworks has the potential to become the centrepiece of your collection. Its intricate design is captivating, with numerous secrets to uncover on close inspection. The piece is made entirely of high-quality and well-crafted glass, making it easy to maintain. A simple cleaning with warm water and a chemically basic cleanser will break up any oily residue that may accumulate inside.

Add the exceptional Blue Sea Glass Spoon from Empire Glassworks to your collection, and let it spark conversations and admiration among your peers. Its exceptional design, skilled craftsmanship, and quality materials make it a unique and valuable addition to any collection of glass pipes.

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