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Empire Glassworks Bomberman Glass Pipe

Introducing the Bomberman Glass Pipe: The Ultimate Gaming Companion

Experience the ultimate gaming session with the Bomberman Glass Pipe! This small yet powerful piece is perfect for gamers who are always on the move. Its thick glass construction guarantees durability and its exquisite attention to detail will enhance your gaming experience, while allowing you to exhale and relax.

Made in the USA

The Bomberman Glass Pipe is designed and blown right here in the USA by Empire Glassworks, a renowned company in the vaping industry. Their spoon-design pipe is an exceptional piece that comes in various colors ranging from classic black, vibrant pink, blue, and several fancy translucent designs to suit your style and preferences.

The Perfect Design

The Bomberman Glass Pipe is uniquely designed with a wide bowl that enables you to feel the burn for an extended period. The wick cap matches its yellow feet, which is cute and cool. Its details are reminiscent of 8-bit era gaming and will transport you to the days of storming castles and rescuing princesses. The intricate design and vibrant colors create an exceptional piece that will stand out in your collection.

Precision and Creativity

The Bomberman Glass Pipe is designed and made with homage to the most popular video game franchise in the world. It represents a blend of respect for detail and creativity, making it the ultimate gamer’s companion. Plus, its unique design and exceptional craftsmanship make it an excellent collector’s item.

Order Now

The Bomberman Glass Pipe is in high demand! Don’t miss your chance to own this gem of a pipe. Order yours now and experience the ultimate gaming experience! The clock is ticking.

Bomberman Glass Pipe Specifications
Type Glass Pipe
Design Spoon
Length 4 Inches
Color Options Black, pink, blue, translucent and several other designs.
Bowl Design Wide
Construction Thick glass
Brand Empire Glassworks
Made in USA

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