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empire glassworks castle themed dish dabber set

Medieval enthusiasts and aficionados of sword fighting and everything associated with this captivating era are in for a real treat with the Castle Themed Dish Dabber Set by Empire Glassworks. This brand is renowned for its magnificent ability to craft magnificent glass pieces that not only serve as functional tools but are also works of art. The set includes a small glass dish that takes on the form of a medieval castle and a shining glass sword with stunning coloration.
The intricate detail of this set is incredibly remarkable. The castle emulates a realistic stone surface, and the glass has been expertly shaped to resemble a castle tower complete with windows, a towering roof, and a striking red flag. Since the castle’s well is impressively deep, it effortlessly stores your dab material, and the sword is the ideal utensil for collecting and vaporizing a dab.
Empire Glassworks is reputed for creating exceptional glass art pieces that undoubtedly delight the user, and this dish and dabber set is no exception. This set offers just a glimpse of the incredible products that the brand offers. Every product is handmade in the United States using thick and durable glass that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time. Medieval enthusiasts who appreciate concentrates will undoubtedly want to make this set a part of their collection.

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