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empire glassworks frog chillum

Empire Glassworks Frog Chillum: The Unique Addition Your Collection Needs

Every smoker worth their salt knows the importance of having at least one amazing piece in their collection that they can show off among friends. A unique and exciting smoking accessory is a treat for oneself and those who get the opportunity to witness it in action. As an experienced smoker, when you have to answer the call and pull out something that leaves a mark, what do you think could fill that need? Look no further than the Empire Glassworks Frog Chillum, the perfect addition to your collection.

This magnificent piece of glassware is like nothing else on the market, and for the adventurous smoker, it’s the perfect item to add to their collection. The chillum is made of durable green-colored glass that can handle all your smoking needs. The body of this piece features light green spots speckled with dark green, similar to certain species of frogs. On top of the colorful base is a dual-toned brown and green marble containing flower-shaped glass. Adjacent to it is a stylishly designed brown frog covered in smaller marbles. Calling it an interesting and unique look would be an understatement.

Looking past the aesthetics, the Frog Chillum is not just style over substance, as it features an oversized bowl that is perfect for holding ample herbs to get the job done. The hefty and straightforward design also feels great in your hand, providing a comfortable grip that is perfect for extended smoking sessions. It even comes with an attached stand to display it proudly on a shelf or help it stay in place on a table when not in use.

The Empire Glassworks Frog Chillum is a must-have addition for the adventurous smoker looking for a truly out-of-this-world experience. So, if you want to impress your friends and experience smoking like never before, the Frog Chillum is a must-buy item for your collection.

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