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empire glassworks frog themed spoon pipe

Frog Themed Spoon Pipe: A Masterpiece of Glass Art by Empire Glassworks

Looking for a way to express your creativity in glass-working? Spoon pipes are the answer, and with so many options available, some are bound to stand out more than others. Empire Glassworks, an American brand known for producing exquisite functional glass art, offers a masterpiece with their Frog Themed Spoon Pipe, carefully crafted by professional artisans.

With a light green base color, typical of pond water, the Frog Themed Spoon Pipe features attractive pond-themed elements such as lily pads, water flowers, and other natural features. However, what truly sets this pipe apart is the exquisite design of two worked glass frogs on either end of the piece. The larger of the two is situated on the bowl, while the other is closer to the mouthpiece. Additionally, several glass marbles were incorporated to improve grip, designed to look like droplets of water filled with tadpoles.

Empire Glassworks takes pride in their work, using only top-quality glass of the highest thickness for durability in their glass pipes. This spoon pipe features some of the most intricate structures among all Empire Glassworks pieces, with each frog meticulously worked and milled to perfection, ensuring a perfect match with the rest of the piece.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and remarkable glass art piece, the Frog Themed Spoon Pipe by Empire Glassworks is an excellent choice.

Details of the Frog Themed Spoon Pipe


Length Height Width
4.5 inches 2.25 inches 1.25 inches


Main Material Color Design Elements Number of Glass Marbles
Glass Light Green Frogs, Lily pads, Water flowers, Other natural features Several


Brand Country Craftsmanship
Empire Glassworks USA Professional

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