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empire glassworks gotta dab em all dish dabber set

Experience the ultimate Pokemon and dabbing adventure with the Gotta Dab ‘Em All Dish and Dabber Set from the well-known artistic glass industry, Empire Glassworks. This brand consistently produces first-rate products for both vaping and smoking enthusiasts. With this set, you will receive a small dish and a perfectly fitting dabbing tool that features a Poke Ball designed handle, finished with glossy black color.

Protected by thick glass material, this dish will surely secure your concentrates, and its size can hold a considerable volume of wax concentrate. The dab tool, on the other hand, makes it easier to manipulate the wax within the dish. If you’re already satisfied with your dab rig, but you find yourself displeased with your storage mediums and handling accessories, this set could be the key to eliminating your problems.

Both the dish and dabber feature Poke Balls designed into them, settled with a marble grip, making it easier to pass around when shared in a group. Don’t waste your concentrate material by using subpar dab tools. Invest in this long-lasting dabber and dish set that can endure for an extended time with proper care.

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