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Empire Glassworks Kitty Donut Bong

Kitty Donut Bong: A Sweet Treat for Your Smoking Experience

Munchies, donuts, and kitty cats? How are they related? You might not know the answer until you have a few hits, but one thing is for sure, the Empire Glass Works have created another unique and quirky piece that will surely pique your interest. The Kitty Donut Bong, an exceptional piece of art, will surely stand out on your collection with its interesting design.

This intricate bong features three worked glass donuts, beautifully adorned with cat ears which may seem inexplicable yet undeniably adorable. The donuts are decorated with groovy blue frosting and colorful sprinkles, creating an interesting texture that you can’t resist touching. The intricacy of the glasswork and the quirkiness of the design is something that you can show off to your friends and will surely impress them.

The 14mm bowl can pack enough herb to give you an instant case of the munchies. The clear glass chamber allows you to see the pipe bubbling up as you take a hit. The bent neck adds to the comfort level and ease of use while smoking. With just one hit of this bong, you will be giggling and purring like a kitty for hours.

Moreover, this bong also features a diagonal 90潞 joint with fixed downstem that fits a wide variety of other accessories from Empire and other manufacturers. The 14mm female joint is perfect for use with any male-jointed pipe, making it an incredibly versatile piece for any level of smokers.

All Empire Glass Works pieces, including this one, are proudly made in the United States of America, ensuring its sturdiness and durability. The thick, solid glass is easy to grip and rest solidly on any flat, level surface. The combination of the clear glass and colored accents adds to the visual experience, giving you a great visual treat while smoking.

Table: Features of Kitty Donut Bong

| Features | Details |
| Design | Unique and quirky with playful details |
| Material | Thick and solid glass for durability and sturdiness |
| Comfort | Bent neck gives an extra dimension of comfort |
| Joint | Diagonal 90潞 joint with fixed downstem |
| Bowl | 14mm bowl ideal for packing enough herb |
| Visual appeal | Clear glass and colorful accents for an enhanced look |
| Versatility | Compatible with a wide variety of accessories |
| Origin | Proudly made in the United States of America |

The Kitty Donut Bong is a perfect treat for your smoking experience. With its unique design, remarkable glasswork, and versatility, one can never go wrong in adding this piece to their collection. Don’t miss the chance to have this great piece of art and experience the satisfaction of smoking with style.

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