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Empire Glassworks Kitty Donut Bowl Slide

Upgrade Your Smoking Experience with Empire Glassworks Kitty Donut Bowl Slide

Every smoker knows that a bong would not be complete without a bowl slide. But why settle for a boring one when you can have a Kitty Donut Bowl Slide from Empire Glassworks? Crafted with hand blown glass, this 14 mm male joint slide is a masterpiece that stands out from typical, run-of-the-mill accessories.

Make a Statement with a Unique Design

Featuring a cute cat wearing a donut crown with colorful sprinkles, this bowl slide adds personality to your smoking kit. It’s not every day you come across such a stunning accessory that doubles as a unique work of art. Simply place your herb into the center donut and let the conversation flow as your friends rave about your stylish and uncommon Kitty Donut Bowl Slide.

Experience High-Quality Workmanship

Empire Glassworks has earned a reputation for making sturdy, quality products. With over 40 years of experience blowing glass, their artisans use torch flame lampworking, a delicate process that requires skill, experience, and patience. Most of the colors used in their accessories, like the Kitty Donut Bowl Slide, are custom blends, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.

Support American-Made Products

What’s more, Empire Glassworks is an American company located in Placentia, CA, giving you all the reasons to support local businesses. By choosing their Kitty Donut Bowl Slide, you can take pride in owning a high-quality American-made product that is both functional and stylish.

Enhance Your Smoking Experience Today

Choosing a Kitty Donut Bowl Slide can transform your smoking experience from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s a great investment that will prove to be a conversation starter and a statement piece. Spending a little extra on such an exceptional accessory is worth it, and you will not regret it. Get ready for envious glances from your buddies and be prepared to answer the question where you got such an unusual bowl slide. Indeed, Empire Glassworks is the perfect choice for smokers who embrace creativity and a little bit of quirkiness in their smoking gear.

Specifications of Kitty Donut Bowl Slide

Product Name Empire Glassworks Kitty Donut Bowl Slide
Joint Gender 14 mm male
Material Hand blown glass
Design Kitty in donut crown with sprinkles
Compatibility Female pipes and accessories of the same size
Manufacturer Empire Glassworks
Origin Placentia, CA

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