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empire glassworks mini space star themed bong

Introducing the Mini Space Star Themed Bong from Empire Glassworks, a must-have for every Star Wars enthusiast out there. If you’re passionate about functional glass art, Empire Glassworks is the leading producer of world-class bongs, pipes, and other glass pieces, and this mini space-themed bong is no exception. The exceptional attention to detail on this bong is enough to capture anyone’s attention, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Crafted entirely in America, this bong boasts a primary combination of the water chamber and the decorative glass model of the Death Star. The iconic battle station is in the midst of firing a massive green bolt of energy into space, which serves as the mouthpiece. As if that’s not enough, three glass Star Destroyers adorn the piece, with one stationed on the Death Star and the other two located on the water chamber.

The piece also features single-pilot fighters battling it out above the Death Star’s surface, adding to the excitement of using this bong. With a fixed downstem that includes a diffuser for maximum filtration power, and a ground glass joint for a snug seal, the Mini Space Star Themed Bong from Empire Glassworks offers a bong smoking experience like no other.

Its deep bowl size ensures prolonged smoking sessions without the need for constant refills. However, since this bong utilizes a lot of clear and themed glass pieces, it’s essential to maintain it regularly, ensuring that the taste stays top-notch. Don’t settle for a typical bong, amaze your friends and achieve an out of this world smoking experience with the Mini Space Star Themed Bong from Empire Glassworks.


Manufacturer Empire Glassworks
Bong Height 6 inches
Joint Size 14mm
Downstem Type Fixed
Bowl Size Deep

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