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Empire Glassworks Mushroom Kingdom-Themed Bong

Enter the Mushroom Kingdom with this remarkable mini rig inspired by classic video games. With its expert craftsmanship and made-in-the-USA quality, it’s the perfect piece to share with your smoking buddies. The Empire Glassworks micro rig is handmade in California, featuring a compact curved downstem flawlessly attached to the 14.5mm female male joint, allowing you to draw thick, satisfying smoke with ease.

Experience your favorite psychedelic world and journey with everybody’s beloved Italian plumber. This mini rig’s allure is enhanced by an exquisitely-crafted piranha plant-themed bowl with fine details that will leave you in awe. Although nothing is guaranteed to be found at the bottom of this pipe, we’re pretty sure you’ll discover something delightful down there.

The carefully-designed diffused downstem works wonders in producing maximum effects. The built-in fixed downstem slot enables further diffusion and percolation, delivering super-smooth hits that make the Mushroom Kingdom mini rig a must-have item.

Embrace the 8-bit retro feel of this piece with your friends as you enjoy smoking sessions. This rig’s simple, unmarked glass design showcases a minimalist look that remains uncluttered by extraneous details. Its thickness and durability provide sturdiness on any flat surface, while its comfortable weight feels pleasing in your hands.

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