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Empire Glassworks Pokeball Pendant with Drip Accents

Show Your Pokemon Fandom with Empire Glassworks’ High-Quality Pendant!

Are you an avid Pokemon fan? Do you love to display your fandom to the entire world? Empire Glassworks has created and designed a high-quality pendant that is perfect for you! Not only is this accessory stylish, but it also showcases your love for Pokemon.

Empire Glassworks crafted the pendant using thick American glass, so it is far from a frail, delicate piece of jewelry. The top of the Pokeball pendant features a large hoop that allows it to fit on any chain or string. You can customize the pendant by choosing from three different Pok茅ball colors: the recognizable red and white, purple and white, or ruby and white. Moreover, the pendant has a personalized drip effect created by colors that you can choose.

This exclusive pendant is not only for Pokemon enthusiasts but also for those who want to express their style with a touch of quirky. You can show it off whenever and wherever – hang it on your car’s mirror, your ceiling, or wear it on your neck. The pendant is small, but it will surely catch people’s attention when displayed prominently in a highly visible area.

Make Your Friends Envy You!

With Empire Glassworks’ Pokemon pendant, expect that your friends will envy you. The charming pendant displays beautifully on anyone, and its design is sure to capture anybody’s attention. Spark your love conversation with other Pokemon fans, or let everyone know how big of a Pokemon fanatic you are. It can also be an exciting topic starter to meet new friends.

Customizable Pendant

Who says the pendant can’t be more unique? Empire Glassworks lets you choose the colors you want for the drip effect. You can choose from the duo of blue and green or the earthy tones of yellow and brown.

Great Gift Idea

Empire Glassworks’ pendant is a great gift idea not only for Pokemon enthusiasts but also for anyone who loves accessories. Give it to your friends or loved ones on any occasion and let them show off their Pokemon fandom.

Features Description
Brand Empire Glassworks Pok茅mon Pendant
Main Material American Glass
Colors Available Red and White, Purple and White, Ruby and White
Multiple Drip Effect Colors Blue and Green or Yellow and Brown
Main Pendant Design Pokeball
Custom Design Yes
Pendant Hoop Large hoop for versatile placement
Dimensions Small

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