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empire glassworks submarine dab rig

Experience the Wonders of the Sea with the Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig

Looking for a dab rig that screams with exceptional artistry and amazing color, just like the beautiful sea creatures? Look no further than the Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig! With untarnished, heavy-duty, clear glass at the bottom, this nine-inch glass piece boasts an intricately designed red octopus accent with white, elaborate detailing that renders a surreal vibe. The seaweed detailing on the bottom provides an even more realistic touch.

The dab rig’s top boasts a stunning blue hue with a striking design that is shaped like a submarine 聳 something that you cannot find in any other piece. But what makes it even more outstanding is its generously sized, flared orange mouthpiece that extends from the top of the submarine, making each hit feel refined.

The Perfect Statement Piece

Beyond the dab rig’s excellent functionality, you are assured of a product that makes an excellent statement piece for your home. Impress your friends or guests by adorning your living space, with this captivating piece or even with the rest of your dab rig collection.

Empire Glassworks guarantees that this dab rig has been constructed with durability in mind. That means you can use it for years to come without worrying about the wear and tear. With the Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig, you get bang for your buck!

The Ultimate Choice for Those Who Love Quality and Uniqueness

Are you aspiring to have a dab rig that is quality, unique, and loads of style but cannot decide which one to purchase? Try out the Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig for a gratifying experience. It is the perfect choice that brings the enchantment of the deep sea to life, and a masterpiece that everyone will be admiring.

Here’s a table that shows a comparison between the Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig and the regular Dab rig

| Features | Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig | Regular Dab Rig |
| Design | A submarine-shaped rig | Ordinary design |
| Material | High-quality glass construction | Heavy-duty glass construction|
| Mouthpiece | Generously sized and flared | Regular-sized mouthpiece |
| Durability | Durable and long-lasting construction | Average durability |
| Artistic Value | Beautiful colors, realistic design | Plain colors, basic design |
| Price | Reasonably priced | Cheap |

Unleash the Wonder of the Sea with Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig

Empire Glassworks Submarine Dab Rig is an exclusive blend of artistry, functionality, and unique design. Invest in this dab rig and enjoy the best of what the sea has to offer. Get yourself a piece that will make your dab rig collection stand out from the rest. Emanate the feeling of being underwater while taking a fresh hit with this amazing “submarine” top piece. Make the best choice today and enjoy the wonderful experience of hitting a dab rig with style!

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