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Empire Glassworks The Enchanted Rose Bong

Experience the ultimate class and pure elegance with the Empire Glassworks The Enchanted Rose Bong – a masterpiece that is more than just a dry herb container. This bong is a true work of art, designed with thick high-quality glass, and boasts an incredibly realistic glass rose right at the center of the main chamber. It聮s a sight to behold, a thing of sheer beauty that can steal anyone聮s attention!
But it聮s not all about beauty; the Enchanted Rose Bong is also an extremely durable piece of art from Empire Glassworks – a trusted brand for high-end glass art. The glass used to make this 10-inch tall bong is an American-made, high-quality glass that is built to last. This bong was designed to deliver a smooth and satisfying hit, making it a practical and functional bong. And even with its high-end quality, it comes at an affordable price that is way below other similar bongs. If you聮re looking to create an impressive collection of bongs, then the Empire Glassworks The Enchanted Rose Bong is the perfect choice.

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