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Empire Glassworks The Great Gourd Bong

Empire Glassworks: The Great Gourd Bong – A Bong Unlike Any Other

With an exceptional design that will definitely catch your attention, the Empire Glassworks The Great Gourd Bong is a must-have for dry herb enthusiasts. Its distinct shape, resembling your favorite gourd, makes it a unique piece of art that is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

Featuring a ribbon accent that is “wrapped around” the bong, you can choose from either brown or red for your desired color. The bong is also adorned with the “yin and yang” symbol, adding to its exquisite design.

Standing at only five inches tall, this bong is short and stout, making it easy to handle, store, and travel with. It’s not just a great everyday bong but also a statement piece that can steal the spotlight at any party. It’s magnificent accents make it a wonderful conversation starter, and it can even add to the decorations on display in your home along with your other glass pieces.

Durability is one of the qualities that make Empire Glassworks’ collection of bongs stand out, and The Great Gourd Bong is no exception. The bong is crafted using thick, sturdy glass, ensuring that it will last for many years to come. You can say goodbye to fragile bongs and hello to this well-crafted masterpiece that you can count on.

Experience the charm of the Empire Glassworks The Great Gourd Bong and add it to your collection today.

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