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Glass Pendant Headphones Made by Mathematix

Mathematix: A Premium Brand for Glass Pendant Headphones

Mathematix, a reputable manufacturer based in California, is dedicated to producing high-quality glass pipes, vapor rigs, and water pipes. However, it is also a brand that has gained fame for its top-of-the-line glass pendant headphones. So, if you are scouting for miniature headphone pendants, Mathematix’s offerings may be a perfect choice for you.

Uniquely crafted from the finest American glass, these stylish pendant headphones add to your convenience and fashion. You can choose from among the five vibrant and striking colors, including light green and purple. The headphones have clear Mathematix logos printed in gold, which prominently appear on the exterior of both headphone sides.

Additionally, these attractive pendants are equipped with a sleek and pleasant-looking transparent glass marble. In terms of durability and resilience, Mathematix glass pendant headphones are unparalleled. As they are composed of borosilicate glass, they boast impressive strength characteristics and reliability.

Mathematix’s excellent glass pendant headphones are compatible with a wide array of practical and helpful accessories. These accessories range from pokeball herb grinders, pipe cases, mesh pipe screens, keychain stash jars to transparent dabbers, among others.

Table 1: Mathematix Pendant Headphone Colors

| Colors |
| Light Green |
| Purple |
| Blue |
| Pink |
| Amber |

Table 2: Mathematix Pendant Headphone Accessories

| Accessories |
| Pokeball herb grinders |
| Pipe cases |
| Mesh pipe screens |
| Keychain stash jars |
| Transparent dabbers |

So, invest your money wisely and elevate your listening experience with Mathematix’s premium glass pendant headphones.

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