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grav labs 12mm taster chillum w marble

The 12mm Chillum with Marble by Grav Labs: Functional and Durable

The 12mm Chillum with Marble by Grav Labs is a dynamic and resilient smoking device that guarantees you a quality smoking session. This chillum is conveniently sized despite its functionality. Made from thick borosilicate glass that is crack-resistant, this 12mm long chillum is designed to last.

You have the option of ordering this chillum in either clear or colored glass, and it comes adorned with a logo. The bowl is designed to be deep and is capable of holding enough herb for your smoking pleasure. The piece is also fitted with a marble next to the mouthpiece. This acts as a handle for the pipe and also prevents it from rolling when placed on a flat surface. The glass material used to make this smoke accessory is incredibly easy to clean, ensuring prolonged usage.

Despite its small size, this chillum delivers colossal and flavorful hits. The bowl is wider than those found on most other chillums, allowing for an even burn, and avoiding a bitter and harsh taste. The design ensures you enjoy multiple hits without worrying about ash ingestion.

This exquisite piece is particularly perfect for the traveling smoker or someone who enjoys smoking with friends. Its size makes it easy to pass around, and its exceptional build means you can get a quality smoking experience wherever you go without having to concern over a resin-laden piece.

Features of the 12mm Chillum with Marble

Below is a table outlining the features of the 12mm Chillum with Marble

Features Description
Brand Grav Labs
Size 12mm
Material Thick Borosilicate Glass
Design Deep bowl, Marble next to mouthpiece
Cleaning Easy-to-clean glass
Use Convenient for Travel and Group smoking

Quality Hits and Flavors

One of the benefits of using the 12mm Chillum with Marble by Grav Labs is that it provides the smoker with high-quality smoke that is full of flavor. The chillum has a deep bowl that allows for a generous amount of herb. The bowl is also wide enough for an even burn and a more enjoyable smoking experience.

Furthermore, the design of this chillum ensures that you can smoke multiple times before needing to clean it. You can expect the chillum to allow for a flavor-filled smoking experience without concern over ingesting ash or suffering from a harsh burn.

Exquisite and Durable Design

The 12mm Chillum with Marble is designed to last a lifetime. Made with thick borosilicate glass, this chillum is designed to resist cracks and other types of damage. It is a well-built accessory that will provide the smoker with years of quality smoking sessions.

The marble feature next to the mouthpiece provides a unique feel to the chillum that differentiates it from similar accessories. Its design is not only functional but also adds an additional level of style to your smoking paraphernalia collection.

Perfect for Use on the Go

When you’re traveling, it can be a hassle to carry around large smoking devices. With the 12mm Chillum with Marble, you can have a quality smoking session anywhere you go. Its small size makes it convenient for road trips, camping, or just going to a friend’s place. It is also a great device for group smokers as it can be passed around easily, ensuring everyone present enjoys their smoking experience.

Final Thoughts

The 12mm Chillum with Marble is a well-designed smoking accessory that guarantees you a quality smoking experience. Its size, design, and easy-to-clean material make it perfect for use anywhere you go. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for smokers who are always on the move but still want to enjoy their smoking sessions.

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