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grav labs 16mm taster chillum w marble

Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum: Smoke in Style on the Go

Looking for a chillum that combines both style and function? The 16mm Taster Chillum with Marble by Grav Labs does just that! With its 16mm length and durable, shatter-resistant borosilicate glass material, this chillum guarantees quality and longevity without sacrificing functionality.

Choose from clear or colored glass and logos in a variety of colors. The deep bowl design allows for a larger herb packing capacity, ensuring that you have enough herb to last even during travel. Plus, cleaning this pipe is a breeze, so you can maintain its spotless appearance without effort.

Get ready for a strong hit with this chillum’s wide bowl, providing an even burn for that perfect smoking experience. Worried about inhaling ash? Worry no more as the size of the chillum lets you take in big hits with ease. Furthermore, a glass marble near the mouthpiece of the pipe acts as a handle for easy gripping while also preventing the chillum from rolling on flat surfaces.

This piece is perfect for the incredible smoker on the go. Use it personally or share it with friends as its size makes it easy to carry and use in any situation. Use it frequently without worrying about cleaning, as maintaining your chillum’s sleek appearance has never been easier. Order yours now and enjoy the best smoking experience anywhere, anytime with Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum.

Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum Features

For a more organized approach, check out the table below for a quick overview of the Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum’s features:

Features Description
Length 16mm
Material Thick borosilicate glass
Variations Clear or colored glass with varied logo colors
Design Deep bowl with glass marble near mouthpiece
Smoking Experience Wide bowl provides even burn with large hits
Convenient Use Great for personal or group usage
Easy to Clean Simple maintenance, easy to keep clean

Size and Material

Made with thick borosilicate glass, the Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum is built to last. Standing at 16mm tall, it offers a sturdy and handy chillum great for those who enjoy smoking on the go. The material used to make this chillum strikes a balance between peace of mind and functionality. Its strength and durability ensures that this pipe can handle wear and tear from everyday joint smoking with ease. The size of the chillum allows for the maximum amount of herb material to be packed, ensuring that your smoking sessions are long-lasting and enjoyable.

Dazzling Design and Functionality

The design and functionality of the Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum are worth mentioning separately. With a deep bowl and wide base, this pipe provides an evenly burning herb for a smooth and profound smoking experience. The added marble near the mouthpiece is an eye-catching feature while also being convenient in acting as a grip or handle for your fingers. It secures your grip, even when you are under the influence. Additionally, this chillum’s size is favorable for smoking sessions anywhere and its easy-to-clean design ensures that it continues looking pristine over time.

Convenience and Usability

The Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum excels at convenience and usability. Its size allows it to fit effortlessly into your pocket, purse, or backpack, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. It also guarantees easy personal use, whether you are smoking alone or in a group. Sharing is made more accessible, making this chillum versatile as it can be used for different occasions. Moreover, it is better to inhale the smoke directly instead of burning the herb, which makes it perfect for people who vaporize the herb for a healthier smoking experience

Long-Lasting Enjoyment

The Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum’s design and functionality make it an outstanding choice for a frequent, long-lasting use smoker. The wide bowl and deep, even burn are perfect for anyone looking for a strong hit. The chillum’s marble near the mouthpiece provides ease in holding and gripping, adding to a more pleasant smoking experience. Finally, cleaning this chillum is fast and easy, making sure it can remain in use for a longer time.

Get your hands on the Grav Labs Marble 16mm Taster Chillum and experience the unbeatable combination of style and functionality. Enjoy quality smoking sessions that are perfect for anyone who is always on the go. Make sure to handle it carefully to help it last longer.

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