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grav labs 45 joint phoenix ashcatcher w removable top

Upgrade Your Smoking Experience with the Grav Labs Phoenix Ashcatcher

Looking for a way to enhance your smoking experience? Look no further than the Grav Labs Phoenix Ashcatcher with Removable Top. This versatile accessory is the perfect addition to any water pipe, allowing you to customize your smoking experience in a variety of ways.

Made from thick, scientific-grade glass, the Phoenix Ashcatcher is built to last. It features a male output joint in both 14mm and 18mm sizes, making it compatible with almost any conventional water pipe. This ashcatcher is designed to function optimally with a pipe that uses a downstem at a 45 degree angle, ensuring a smooth and consistent smoking experience.

But what really sets the Phoenix Ashcatcher apart is its removable top piece. This 29mm piece makes it easy to insert ice into the filtration chamber of the ashcatcher, providing an even cooler smoking experience. By adding ice to the air pathway, the Phoenix Ashcatcher helps to cool the smoke even more as it travels through your water pipe.

Without the removable top piece, it would be impossible to use adequately sized ice chunks in the chamber. But with the Phoenix Ashcatcher, you can enjoy the benefits of ice filtration without sacrificing the convenience of a removable top piece.

Measuring approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches in length, the Phoenix Ashcatcher is the perfect size to be used with virtually any water pipe. And because it is made from high-quality glass, you can trust that it will not only look great, but also stand up to frequent use.

Upgrade your water pipe with the Grav Labs Phoenix Ashcatcher and experience the ultimate in smoking satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just starting out, this versatile accessory is sure to take your smoking experience to the next level.

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