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grav labs 50mm matrix to dual turbine perc straight tube

Experience the Ultimate Smoking Session with Grav Labs’ 50mm Matrix to Dual Turbine Perc Straight Tube

Looking for a bong that provides an unparalleled smoking experience? Look no further than the Grav Labs 50mm Matrix to Dual Turbine Perc Straight Tube. Standing tall at 14 inches, this exceptional piece boasts a 14mm 90 degree stemless female joint for smooth and easy usage.

What sets this bong apart are the three percolators designed to deliver maximum filtration. The first percolator is a matrix perc, a cylindrical device with a grid pattern of precisely cut holes and slits. Smoke passes through these openings, creating a powerful filtration system that produces smooth, flavorful hits.

Next up are the two turbine disc percs, each designed to build upon the matrix perc’s filtration by further reducing impurities. The resulting hits are nothing short of phenomenal. Finally, the flared mouthpiece ensures an airtight seal, delivering an uninterrupted flow of smoke straight to your lungs.

Not only is this piece impressively functional, it’s also stunning to behold. Its sleek, modern design deserves a spot in any smoking aficionado’s collection. Plus, its wide and sturdy base makes it convenient to use on almost any surface. Expect a smoking experience with your friends that will leave them in awe. And when the party’s over, its easy-to-clean design means you can enjoy it all over again the next day.

Invest in the Grav Labs 50mm Matrix to Dual Turbine Perc Straight Tube for the smoothest, most luxurious smoking experience possible. Trust us, your lungs will thank you.


Height Joint Gender Joint Size Percs
14 inches Female 14mm Matrix percolator, Dual turbine disc percolator

Key Features:

  • Matrix percolator for powerful filtration
  • Dual turbine disc percs for even further filtration
  • Flared mouthpiece for an airtight seal
  • Modern design that looks amazing on display
  • Wide and sturdy base for ease of use
  • Easy to clean design for frequent and hassle-free use

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