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Experience Massive Hits with the 7 Inch Steamroller by Grav Labs

Are you seeking a pipe that delivers massive hits with ease? Look no further than the 7 Inch Steamroller by Grav Labs. It is a conveniently sized device, 7 inches long and made from 25mm tubing. With thick scientific borosilicate glass, this piece is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your smoking sessions are stress-free. The clear glass is also effortless to clean.

The pipe boasts of a built-in ash-catcher that keeps ash, resin, and other particles away from your mouth while using the device. Additionally, feet are securely attached to the bottom of the steamroller to keep it sturdy while on any surface. It is easy to see how much smoke builds up inside the clear glass, which fills up quickly. The open-ended design ensures that you receive powerful hits that are both swift and full of flavor.

This steamroller is perfect for heavy smokers who desire bigger and more frequent hits than a standard spoon pipe or chillum can offer. It is small-sized, making it highly portable and comfortable to use. The device’s design makes it easy to load and smoke multiple bowls at a go, making it ideal for sharing with friends at music festivals or for solo sessions at home. The steamroller is exceptionally easy to keep clean, making it convenient for daily use.

Features and Benefits of the 7 Inch Steamroller

1. 7 inches long and made from 25mm tubing
2. Thick scientific borosilicate glass that is clear and easy to clean
3. Built-in ash-catcher to prevent unwanted particles from entering your mouth
4. Feet securely attached to keep the steamroller stable on any surface
5. Open-ended device for powerful hits that are full of flavour
1. Perfect for heavy smokers looking for bigger and more frequent hits
2. Small-sized and highly portable
3. Easy to load and smoke multiple bowls at once, ideal for music festivals or solo sessions at home
4. Highly durable, making it an everyday device
5. Effortlessly easy to clean, saving time and energy

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