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grav labs 90 ashcatcher with removable downstem

Enhance your smoking experience with the 90 Degree Ash Catcher by Grav Labs. This exceptional add-on is a magnificent inclusion for any collection. It stands 8 inches tall, has a diameter of 1.5 inches, and it’s available in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm sizes. It is manufactured from clear borosilicate glass, making it capable of withstanding heavy use. It’s designed with a 90-degree angle joint and can be utilized with 90-degree pipes.

Designed to keep your smoking experience clean and filtered, this ash catcher extracts ash and resin, guaranteeing that no chunks get into your mouth. The ash catcher features a removable down stem that facilitates a more straightforward cleaning process. The down stem is equipped with slits that purify the smoke, much like a percolator. These slits filter out ash and toxins from the smoke, providing you with a well-filtered, milder hit every time. Moreover, this ash catcher provides extra airflow thanks to its removable bowl. It can also be used with a dome and nail for dabbing purposes.

Transform your pipe and bong聮s power and efficiency with Grav Lab聮s 90-degree ash catcher. Not only will it spruce up the appearance of your smoke collection, but it also enhances functionality, providing the ultimate smoking experience.

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