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grav labs 9mm taster chillum

Experience a smoke like no other with the 9mm Taster Chillum by Grav Labs! This small yet mighty piece is only 9mm long but is crafted with scientific borosilicate glass, making it both durable and crack-resistant. Available in clear or colored glass with a Grav Labs logo, this chillum is sure to impress.

Despite its small size, this pipe has a deep bowl perfect for holding a significant amount of herb. Plus, cleaning is a breeze, so you don聮t have to worry about sharing a dirty pipe with your friends. The comfortable mouthpiece and design ensure large hits that won’t leave you with mouthfuls of ash.

With several transparent color options to choose from, you can watch as the smoke builds up in the pipe, making for an even more exciting smoking experience. The 9mm Taster Chillum is ideal for smokers who are always on the go. Its small size fits perfectly in your pocket, allowing you to smoke discreetly whenever you want. Whether sharing with friends or smoking solo, the bowl size makes it perfect for any occasion. It’s no wonder that this chillum will quickly become your go-to smoking piece!

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