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grav labs beaker tube with ice catcher

Experience Smoothness and Chills with Grav Lab’s Beaker Tube with Ice Catcher

Indulge in the coolest and smoothest smoking sensation you’ll ever have with Grav Lab’s Beaker Tube with Ice Catcher. With a height of 12 inches and a 45-degree 14mm female joint, this exceptional bong is perfect for use with a bowl or a dome and nail. Made from thick borosilicate glass, its long-lasting durability is scientifically designed, providing an easy-to-clean feature and an unwavering peace of mind.

Grav Lab’s Beaker Tube with Ice Catcher comes with a glass shower head down stem and a beaker base that let you put it anywhere without any possibility of accidents. Whether you want to place ice or snow, built-in ice catcher serves as a shelf and cools the smoke, giving you the tastiest and coldest hits of your life. Moreover, this built-in ice catcher transforms into a handle, allowing you to carry it around as you please.

The flared mouthpiece is perfect for airtight smoking, enabling maximum smoke hits with zero waste. As a frequent smoker, Grav Lab’s Beaker Tube with Ice Catcher would be your favorite. It is easy to clean, letting you use it daily, and the handle makes it easy to take along wherever you go. The unique design gives you out-of-this-world smoke rips that you won’t find anywhere else.

Grav Lab’s Beaker with Ice Catcher
Dimensions 12 inches tall
Joint Type 45-Degree 14mm Female Joint
Material Thick Borosilicate Glass
Features Built-In Ice Catcher and Glass Showerhead Down Stem
Use With Bowl or Dome and Nail

As you can see from the table above, Grav Lab’s Beaker Tube with Ice Catcher is a must-have among seasoned smokers. Get your hands on it, and experience life-changing smoking sessions like never before!

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