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grav labs chiller multi kit

The Chiller Multi Kit: An Ultimate Customizable Smoking Experience

Looking for a smoking device that offers a customizable experience? The Chiller Multi Kit from Grav Labs is the perfect piece to provide you with just the right smoking session to tickle your fancy. It offers users a multitude of attachments that make smoking more personalized and enjoyable.

Unparalleled Design

Crafted from high-quality clear borosilicate glass, the Chiller Multi Kit is designed to last longer and withstand frequent use. It is 4.5 inches tall and features a 14mm female joint. The glycerine mouthpiece can be frozen, providing you with an exceptional smoking experience without using ice cubes.

Interchangeable Attachments

One of the best features of the Chiller Multi Kit is its interchangeable attachments. The piece comes with three different attachments, each providing a distinct smoking experience.

Bubbler Attachment

With this attachment, you no longer have to worry about health hazards when smoking. The bubbler removes toxins and ash from your smoke and creates bubbles that keep your smoke smooth. The bubbler can be set down on any surface due to its two feet, making it a portable option.

Bowl Attachment

The bowl attachment transforms your Chiller Multi Kit into a more portable piece, making it easy to carry around. This attachment is perfect for a quick smoke and can be used without water.

Nectar Collector Attachment

The nectar collector is perfect for those who prefer smoking concentrates. This attachment allows for easy use and comes with high functionalities that offer an exceptional smoking experience.

The Perfect Choice for Variety-Seeking Smokers

The Chiller Multi Kit is an excellent smoking device for smokers who enjoy variety. With its interchangeable attachments and customizable experience, it聮s hard not to get excited. You will never get bored using this piece.

Impress Your Friends with Smooth Hits

Apart from being a customizable piece that offers you numerous smoking options, the Chiller Multi Kit is also an excellent piece to show off to your friends. The glycerine mouthpiece provides the smoothest and chilled hits, ensuring that every social smoking session is an experience to remember.

Attachment Functionality
Bubbler Attachment Filters toxins and ash out from the smoke
Bowl Attachment Creates a compact smoking device for easy carrying
Nectar Collector Attachment Can easily be used for concentrates, making it flexible


In summary, the Chiller Multi Kit from Grav Labs is an excellent option for smokers who love variety. Its multiple attachments give you many options to choose from, and the glycerine mouthpiece provides the smoothest smoke possible. The bubbler attachment helps clean your smoke from toxins and ash, making it a perfect option for health-conscious individuals. Order your Chiller Multi Kit today and enjoy a smoking experience that is customized to your tastes!

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