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Grav Labs Clear Upline Steamroller

The Must-Have Clear Upline Steamroller from Grav Labs

If you’re seeking a small yet powerful piece, the Clear Upline Steamroller from Grav Labs should be at the top of your list. Made of clear American glass, this piece offers three upline rings for a comfortable grip. Although it’s small, this steamroller delivers intense hits with an ample amount of smoke. Its compact size also makes transportation a breeze.

The innovative design of the upline rings offers a unique filtration system. Forget about accidentally inhaling ash and debris with every hit. The upline rings filter and disperse smoke, eliminating unwanted residue in your mouth.

This steameroller features colorful accents, adding style to functionality. Available in three colors, each one is a delightful surprise, offering a personal touch to every delivery.

Worried about spills and breakage? Don’t be. The Clear Upline Steamroller can stand alone on a table, ensuring its safety when not in use. Made with top-notch American glass, this steamroller is sturdy, durable, and built to last, assuring you with long-lasting heavy use.

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