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grav labs helix flare bong with fixed downstem

The Helix Flare Bong with Fixed Down Stem: The Ultimate Smoking Experience

Looking for a bong that can provide an unforgettable smoking experience? Look no further than the Helix Flare Bong with Fixed Down Stem by Grav Bongs. This impressive piece packs a punch with its size, design, and features.

Say Goodbye to Harmful Toxins with Venturi Chamber

At 8.5 inches tall, this bong boasts a 14mm female joint and matching 14mm male bowl. With the option to use a nail and dome for dabbing, this piece is versatile and perfect for any smoking preference. But what sets it apart is the Venturi Chamber atop a can-style base. This innovative design features tiny holes that allow smoke and water to pass through, creating an impressive cyclone effect that guarantees an enjoyable smoking experience every time. Not only does this process create a show-stopping display, but it also helps cleanse the smoke of harmful toxins and carcinogens before inhalation for a healthier way to smoke.

Keep Your Smoke Clean with Fixed Down Stem

Another feature that makes the Helix Flare Bong with Fixed Down Stem by Grav Bongs an ideal choice is its fixed down stem, which ensures that no ash enters the main chamber. Clean smoking is essential for a pleasurable and healthy smoking experience.

Durable and Portable Design

Made in the USA from high-quality, scientific borosilicate glass, this bong is incredibly durable and resistant to cracks and shattering, which means you can use it for years to come. The wide round glass base adds to its stability, making it suitable for use on various surfaces. The size of this bong also makes it incredibly portable and easy to carry to any social event.

The Ultimate Display Piece

The Helix Flare Bong with Fixed Down Stem by Grav Bongs is not just any ordinary bong. Thanks to its unique design and fascinating Venturi Chamber, it makes for an excellent display piece. It’s perfect for showing off to friends at home or at a party. With easy-to-clean features, it can become your daily go-to smoker without any hassle.

Is the Helix Flare Bong with Fixed Down Stem Right for You?

The Helix Flare Bong with Fixed Down Stem by Grav Bongs is the perfect bong for anyone looking for an exceptional smoking experience. With its durable and portable design, impressive Venturi Chamber, and easy-to-clean features, smoking has never been more enjoyable. Try it out, and you won’t be disappointed!

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