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grav labs icee cup water pipe

Grav Labs Icee Container: A Unique and Functional Piece

Looking for a fun and playful bubbler, with outstanding functionality and design? Look no further than the Grav Labs Icee container! Adorned with black or white accents and the iconic Grav Labs logo, this piece is reminiscent of the famous Icee glass and is sure to bring on the fun times.

Functional Joint Size:
This glass bubbler features a double end, 14.5mm male connector that promises multifunctionality.

Perfect Height:
With a height of 10.5 inches tall, the Grav Labs Icee container is the perfect size to enjoy your smoking session comfortably.

Bowed Neck:
The Grav Labs Icee container boasts a bowed neck that gives it a unique and stylish design. But, beyond style, the bowed neck functionally serves an essential purpose. It prevents the water from splashing back into your mouth, thus providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Diffused Downstem:
One of the standout features of this glass bubbler is the diffused downstem. This essential piece allows smoke to filter down through the water, into the many holes in the tube, ensuring smooth and evenly dispersed hits.

Fixed Downstem:
This piece features a fixed downstem that cannot be removed. This additional layer of filtration ensures the ultimate smoking experience with cool and smooth hits.

The sandblasting process gives the glass bubbler a unique and trendy texture that many smokers love. By using fine grit and compressed air, expert glassblowers can create an iced surface that sets it apart from other glass bubblers.

Upgrade Your Smoking Experience with Grav Labs Icee Container

In conclusion, the Grav Labs Icee container is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a unique and functional glass bubbler. Thanks to its varied features, such as the bowed neck and diffused downstem, smokers can enjoy cool and smooth hits. Moreover, the sandblasted design ensures this piece is not only functional but also incredibly stylish. Don’t miss out on an upgraded smoking experience, and add the Grav Labs Icee container to your glass collection today!

Grav Labs Icee Container Features



Male 14.5 mm connector

Grav Labs Icee Container Features



Height 10.5 inches
Joint 14.5mm Female Joint
Neck Bowed Neck that prevents water from splashing back into mouth
Downstem Diffused fixed downstem to filter smoke for a smooth hit
Design Sandblasted for a unique and trendy texture

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