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grav labs upline ashcatcher

Enhance Your Smoking Experience with Grav Labs Upline Ashcatcher

If you’re looking for a way to improve your glass-on-glass water pipe performance, you need to check out the Grav Labs Upline Ashcatcher. This amazing ashcatcher easily attaches to the female downstem of your existing bowl using a 14mm male stem, and you can choose from two available options of 45 or 90 degrees for the angle at which the stem emerges from the ashcatcher. This game-changing device comes with two logos printed on the piece, the Upline and Grav Labs logos, and its crystal-clear body guarantees pure and clean smoking experience.

The circular percolation arm at the end of the ashcatcher’s fixed downstem provides excellent filtration that ensures a much more complete seal and enhances the device’s stability. The Grav Labs Octobowl which comes with the ashcatcher is perfectly designed to fit the unit, providing efficient filtration to produce cool smoke that has a clean and smooth taste. With the ashcatcher providing additional filtration to your pulls, you will have a much better sense of the actual taste of the dried herbs or tobacco you’re smoking.

You might be thinking, “Any additional piece for my device? Do I need it?” even if you already have a water pipe with several percolators or advanced filters. The reality is that multiple filters can never hurt your smoking experience but only improve it. The benefits of greater filtration are purer hits, cooler smoke, and smoother taste. The glass components of the ashcatcher are easy to clean with hot water and soap, with any type of degreasing agent working perfectly fine. Cleaning these glass pieces frequently not only guarantees optimal taste but also easier maintenance. It is always good to remember that the longer you procrastinate cleaning glass pieces, the harder it becomes.

Don’t hesitate to get the Grav Labs Upline Ashcatcher for a better smoking experience. It is an investment in your smoking experience that you won’t regret.

Grav Labs Upline Ashcatcher Features

Component Description
Percolation Arm Circular percolation arm that provides excellent filtration and a stable piece
Fixed Downstem Convenient fixed downstem for a complete seal and better stability
Angle Options Two angle options of 45 and 90 degrees for the stem emergence from the ashcatcher
Grav Labs Octobowl A bowl specially designed for the unit and perfect for efficient filtration
Easy Maintenance Glass components can easily be cleaned with hot water and soap, with any type of degreasing agent working well

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