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grav labs upright bubbler w showerhead downstem

Experience enhanced smoking sessions with the American-made Grav Labs Upright Bubbler w/ Showerhead Downstem. This 9.5-inch tall piece boasts an 18mm female joint and a detachable mouthpiece. The diffused shower head downstem, complete with multiple slits, ensures smoke and water are thoroughly filtered. This results in a cleaner, more delightful hit every time. The long neck, angled at 45 degrees, makes it effortless to hold the bubbler away from your face as you smoke.
With two mouthpieces included, you have options for creating the perfect puff. There’s a straight long flared mouthpiece that seals tightly, and a Grav Labs Helix line mouthpiece, both with a keck clip to secure them to the neck. Additionally, you can choose to purchase other mouthpieces and use them with this piece.
Made from sturdy and durable clear borosilicate glass, this piece has a wide round base that ensures stability despite the long outreached neck. Its versatile size makes it ideal for both home and on the go use. Thanks to its ease of cleaning, it’s an excellent choice for a daily smoker.

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