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long bong stanley

The Long-Bong聮s Stanley: The King of Bongs

Introducing the Stanley from Long-Bong – the ultimate bong that measures an incredible 56 inches in height and weighs a massive 30 pounds when empty. When filled with water, it can reach up to 48 pounds due to its substantial size that can hold a large volume of water.

Features that Make Stanley the Best Bong

The Stanley boasts a 90-degree joint stem and a female mouthpiece joint that fits any male accessory of the same size. It also has a Dewar聮s joint, a small glass tube that provides additional support to the glass pipe and connects to the chamber. Such features are rare, typically found in top-of-the-line bongs like Stanley, making it stand out from the crowd.

This incredible piece of art comes with a mounting kit that makes it easy to clean and transport. Breaking down the rig is easier, and the reassembling process is quick. Plus, the package includes three different dishwasher-safe mouthpieces, stainless steel bowl, steel screens, and a cleaning kit.

Made from Clear Borosilicate Glass

The Stanley is made from clear borosilicate glass, a durable material that lasts years. The laboratory-designed model takes the shape of beakers and straight tubes, creating an elegant and scientific look that is perfect for your living room decor.

The Stanley is not only visually impressive, but it delivers an unforgettable smoking experience. Its massive size lets you inhale the biggest hits of your life. Hence, it would be perfect for a party or entertaining visitors at home.


The Long-Bong聮s Stanley is the perfect choice for those looking for the biggest, sturdiest, and most efficient bong on the market. Its unique features, coupled with easy cleaning and transportation, make it an ideal investment. The Stanley is not just a bong; it’s a work of art that everyone would admire.

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