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m i o glass qtr pounder water pipe

Experience superior quality and sophistication in glass water pipes with M.I.O Glass. The Quarter Pounder Water Pipe is a remarkable product of their expertise in producing exceptional pieces, which comes in various styles. Standing tall at 10 inches, this water pipe boasts a sturdy base measuring 2.5 inches wide that assures incredible stability. It is crafted with high-quality glass known in the production of professional scientific equipment, with a thickness of 5mm. Its name, Quarter Pounder Water Pipe, implies the weight it gains from the thick glass and does not refer to a sandwich from fast-food restaurants.

M.I.O Glass carefully hand-blown the removable downstem, attaching a diffuser at the base of the stem for maximum efficiency. The joint of the pipe is aligned at a 45-degree angle, utilizing a 14mm female input. An ice catcher is thoughtfully incorporated into the neck of the water pipe, which significantly cools the smoke, ensuring a refreshing smoking experience. The package comes with a 14mm funnel bowl and an etched M.I.O Glass logo near the base, accentuating its premium craftsmanship. Featuring a flared mouthpiece, the Quarter Pounder Water Pipe provides a secure seal while drawing, and with the significant bowl size, any user can enjoy extended sessions.

Product Specification

Brand M.I.O Glass
Height 10 inches
Base Width 2.5 inches
Glass Thickness 5mm
Bowl Size Deep Bowl
Joint Angle 45 degrees
Joint Size 14mm Female Input
Downstem Hand Crafted Removable Downstem with Built-in Diffuser
Ice Catcher Yes
Bowl 14mm Funnel Bowl


  • Premium Quality Glass
  • Hand Blown Removable Downstem with Diffuser
  • Thick and Durable Glass
  • Incorporated Ice Catcher
  • Etched M.I.O Glass logo
  • Deep Bowl


  • Exceptional Quality
  • Efficient Cooling System
  • Stable Smoking Experience
  • Easy to Draw and Secure Seal
  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy to Clean

The Quarter Pounder Water Pipe by M.I.O Glass is undoubtedly a premium smoking accessory, designed with premium-quality materials crafted with utmost attention to detail. Maximizing features with an added diffuser, ice catcher, and removable downstem, it provides a satisfying and refreshing smoking experience. Enjoy an exceptional smoking journey with M.I.O Glass’s Quarter Pounder Water Pipe, which guarantees durability and longevity, making it a worthy and wise investment for all glass water pipe enthusiasts.

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