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mathematix color changing sherlock bubbler

Experience the Coolest Smoke Session with Mathematix’s Color Changing Sherlock Bubbler

Looking for a smoking piece that can take your smoking experience to the next level? Then, the Color Changing Sherlock Bubbler from Mathematix is the perfect choice for you. Standing 7 inches tall, this amazing piece is made in the United States with thick fumed glass to ensure that it will last you a long time.

What sets this bubbler apart from other smoking pieces is its use of color changing glass technology. The fumed glass is created by heating either silver or gold to an extremely high temperature until they release fumes that get bound to the surface of the glass. The result is a colorful semi-transparent appearance that changes over time due to exposure to heat. This creates a unique and interesting look that is sure to catch your eye every time you use it.

But the best thing about this bubbler is how it works. It has a deep bowl that is divided into two levels. The bottom level is filled with water while the top level is where you put your herb. When you light up, smoke travels through the water, creating bubbles that filter your smoke and remove ash and other toxins. This results in a smooth and clean hit every time you use it. Plus, the bowl is deep enough to pack plenty of herb for a long smoke session.

Aside from its amazing looks and functionality, the Color Changing Sherlock Bubbler is also easy to clean. This makes it perfect for daily use and passing around in a group. It’s an amazing and interesting piece that is sure to impress your friends and take your smoking experience to a whole new level.


Features Benefits
7 inches tall Perfect height for easy and comfortable use
Thick fumed glass Durable and long-lasting smoking piece
Color changing glass technology Creates a unique and interesting appearance
Deep bowl with two levels Filters smoke and removes toxins for a smooth and clean hit
Easy to clean Perfect for daily use and passing around in a group

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