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nucleus glass thick split circle perc bong

Experience High Times with Nucleus Glass: The Thick Split Circle Perc Bong

In this golden age of smoking, modern bong design has escalated to an art form. Smoking enthusiasts now prefer contemporary, scientifically engineered bongs, not only for their excellent smoking experience but also as decorative and functional pieces that can serve as the centerpiece of a room.
Nucleus Glass leads the world in the creation of such high art bongs that deliver high times. Take the Nucleus Glass Thick Split Circle Perc Bong, for instance. This 9.5-inch bong looks like a bottle but boasts a stunning perc design, seemingly suspended in the middle of the water chamber, for thorough filtration, even with a single-chamber water pipe.

This bong features an 18mm female joint, a Dewar’s Joint, and a 90-degree main joint. Made from scientific-grade borosilicate, the same material used to construct most professional lab containers, it has an incredibly high temperature tolerance and resistance to breaking. You can even use this bong for dabbing and rest assured that it can withstand the heat of a torch or an electric nail.

Table 1: Nucleus Glass Thick Split Circle Perc Bong Specifications

| Specification | Details |
| Height | 9.5 inches |
| Joint Size | 18mm Female Joint |
| Style | Thick Split Circle Perc Bong |
| Material | Scientific-grade borosilicate glass |
| Resistance to Breaking | High |
| Temperature Tolerance | Extremely High |
| Extra Features | Can be used for dabbing |

The Nucleus Glass Thick Split Circle Perc Bong is an exemplary combination of design and functionality. It聮s not just a means to smoke but also a statement piece. Experience high times like never before with Nucleus Glass bongs.

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