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Original Cones Product Description

Original Cones: A Time-Tested Solution for Your Rolling Needs

Since 1994, Original Cones have been a staple among smoking enthusiasts. Its pre-rolled cigarette papers provide convenience and ease with each use. Equipped with airtight features and cardboard filters, these cones are perfect for people who prefer taking their time enjoying cigarettes.

Experience the Uniqueness of Original Cones

The notable thinness of Original Cones paper sets it apart from its competitors. It burns progressively slow regardless of its size and style. With choices of king, party, and giga sizes, you can select the one that perfectly fits your smoking needs. The 1 to 1/4 inch size is also available and comes in six cone packs. If you opt for the giga and party sizes, each pack contains one cone. While those who choose king size will receive three cones per pack. Original Cones also come in classic and natural style options.

The Joy of Rolling with Original Cones

For a truly satisfying experience, smoking enthusiasts invest in additional tools. Four-piece herb grinders, hemp wicks, and spoolies often accompany Original Cones to enhance the whole experience. For smokers who prefer cigarette paper that’s natural and unbleached, Original Cones fit the bill. Its many enthusiastic and dedicated followers attest to its unique quality.

Roll in Flair and Style with Original Cones

If you want to roll in style and feel classy while doing it, then Original Cones should be on your list of must-haves. Its flavor and craftsmanship will make you appreciate the ritual of smoking as never before. Feel the satisfaction of having a perfectly rolled cigarette with Original Cones.

Original Cones
Size Number of Cones per Pack Style Options
King 3 Classic and Natural
Party 1 Classic and Natural
Giga 1 Classic and Natural
1 to 1/4 inch 6 Classic and Natural

Roll in style and convenience with Original Cones. Its slow-burning feature and cardboard filters make smoking cigarettes more enjoyable. Try it now, and feel the difference in every puff.

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