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pure hemp 44mm wide unbleached paper roll

Pure Hemp: The World’s Most Trusted Self-rolling Smokers’ Brand

For more than 130 years, Pure Hemp has been the go-to brand for self-rolling smokers worldwide. Developed by Miquel y Costa & Miquel, the oldest company producing smoking paper globally, this brand and its predecessors have been in continuous manufacture since 1879. The Pure Hemp line offers one of the rare treeless rolling papers to produce a mellow, low-ash, and slow-burning smoke that afficionados across the world have come to know and love.

Pure Hemp papers are absolutely 100% organic. Miquel y Costa & Miquel neither uses nor permits the use of synthetic chemicals in producing this premium line of smoking papers. This means that Pure Hemp’s customers have access to a brand that contains none of the dangerous combustion products present in other popular brands. Notably, some of the compounds present in other smoking papers are carcinogenic. Moreover, even the gum-line of Pure Hemp is made of entirely organic materials, with the adhesive substance obtained directly from sap extracted from the African Acacia tree. Pure Hemp has distinguished itself through this outstanding commitment to going the extra mile to give its consumers the cleanest and safest smoking experience available today.

Pure Hemp’s line of smoking papers is made entirely of hemp, hand-picked by experts at Miquel y Costa & Miquel. The result? A mellow, unimposing, and unhurried smoking experience that is entirely unique to Pure Hemp. No other brand of smoking paper can even approach replicating the smoothness and serenity of smoking with Pure Hemp products.

It is, therefore, no surprise that smokers worldwide have chosen Pure Hemp for over 130 years. The Pure Hemp line has a well-deserved reputation as among the finest smoking papers available worldwide. Choosing Pure Hemp is choosing quality, safety, and an unparalleled smoking experience.

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