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quartz honey bucket with male joint and carb cap

Experience Ultimate Vaping with the Quartz Honey Buck

If you are tired of using a regular concentrate nail and are looking for something more creative and effective, you need to try the Quartz Honey Buck. This glass piece is specially designed to meet the demands of a growing consumer base that prefers concentrate materials in the world of vaping.

This Quartz Honey Buck comes with a male joint and is available in both 14mm and 18mm sizes, making it so easy to find one that fits your existing piece. This revolutionary piece also features a rotating arm that is perfect for protecting your rig from the heat of your torch while heating the quartz nail.

By rotating the arm up and out of harm’s way, you can heat the bulb without fear of damaging the glass. Then, with one smooth move, rotating the arm back into the bulb and you are ready for instant vaporizing action. With the addition of a carb cap, you can have the ultimate vaping experience with complete control over your air flow.

Losing your vapor to surrounding air is a thing of the past with the use of the carb cap. With this feature, you can use less heat since the cap protects against slower hits evaporating away. Furthermore, the Quartz Honey Buck is made of easy to clean quartz material.

Cleaning and upkeep are stress-free with this piece since the dish will burn off residue when it’s heated while the rest of the piece can be easily scrubbed with warm water. Don聮t take chances on glass pieces that are not specially designed for your needs. Get the Quartz Honey Buck today and enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with complete peace of mind.

Specifications of the Quartz Honey Buck Glass Piece

Joint: Male
Sizes: 14mm and 18mm
Features: Rotating Arm
Carb Cap
Material: Quartz

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