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RAW Black Papers Product Description

Experience the Authenticity and Quality of RAW Black Papers

For avid smokers, using high-quality rolling papers is crucial for an exceptional smoking experience. RAW Black Papers are the perfect choice for individuals who prioritize quality over everything else. As the name suggests, RAW Black Papers are completely natural and unrefined, providing a pure smoking experience. Made with 100% pure natural fibers, the papers showcase the authenticity of RAW products.

RAW is a highly reputed name in the industry, known for crafting supreme quality rolling papers. RAW Black Papers are unbleached and double pressed, making them incredibly thin while exhibiting even burning characteristics. The RAW “Black” line is revered amongst smoking aficionados for its impeccable quality and reliability.

RAW Black Papers are manufactured in Alcoy, located in the province of Alicante, Spain. The city is an industrial hub renowned for producing high-grade smoking products. The RAW Black Papers have the “authentic” label prominently displayed on their packaging, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to providing natural and high-quality products.

Each pack of RAW Black Papers comes with 32 unbleached kingsize slim leaves, and purchasers can choose from single or three-packs. RAW Black Papers can be paired with various smoking accessories like spoolies, four-piece herb grinders, and rolling paper tips. Additionally, Humboldt hemp wicks that are five feet long and are available in packs of three can complement the smoking experience.

Experience the Difference with RAW Black Papers

When smoking enthusiasts think of high-quality rolling papers, RAW immediately comes to mind. RAW Black Papers are a testament to the brand’s commitment to producing natural and authentic smoking products that enhance the overall smoking experience. RAW Black Papers offer:

– Authenticity: Made with 100% natural fibers and unrefined, RAW Black Papers retain the integrity of the smoking experience.
– Quality: RAW Black Papers are unbleached and double pressed, providing an ultra-thin and even burn.
– Reliability: RAW Black Papers are manufactured in Alcoy, reknown for producing top-grade smoking products.
– Choice: RAW Black Papers come in single or three-pack options, making them easily accessible to anyone.

Investing in RAW Black Papers assures you of a high-quality and authentic smoking experience. Whether you are an avid smoker or occasional user, these papers complement your smoking preferences and provide a delightful smoking experience.

Table 1. RAW Black Papers Options
| Product | Quantity | Features |
| RAW Black Kingsize Slim | 32 | 100% natural fiber, unbleached, double-pressed |
| RAW Black Kingsize Slim (3-pack) | 96 | 100% natural fiber, unbleached, double-pressed |

Table 2. Accessories for RAW Black Papers
| Product | Features |
| Spoolies | 48 spoolies per pack |
| Four-piece herb grinders | Available in different colors |
| Rolling paper tips | Unbleached and perforated |
| Humboldt hemp wicks (3-pack) | 15 feet of wick in total (5 feet each) |

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