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Raw King Size Supreme Rolling Papers

Experience the best smoking sessions of your life with RAW Kingsize Supreme Rolling Papers! Made from an exceptional blend of pure unbleached raw fibers, these papers will surely elevate your smoking game. These 100% vegan rolling papers use a natural sugar-based gum to act as a binder, which holds perfectly. At the same time, the paper’s thinness will make you feel like you are smoking a bare cigarette, allowing you to enjoy the rawest form of smoke.

With each pack containing 40 leaves that measure 110x44mm each, you’ll never run out of supply. The natural fibers give the rolling papers a light brown color, making it eco-friendly. These king-size papers are perfect for those who want a larger-sized hand-rolled cigarette that will give them the ultimate smoking experience.

What’s fantastic about RAW Kingsize Supreme Rolling Papers is their ability to burn slowly evenly. You don’t have to worry about relighting your cigarette again and again because these rolling papers assure a smooth even burn every time you light up. Once inhaled, you will experience an outstanding and unique taste that you’ve never savored before.

Furthermore, RAW rolling papers feature a patented watermark with a unique crisscross design. This trademark watermark prevents runs and ensures that the paper burns evenly, ultimately giving you time to savor and enjoy each drag without your cigarette burning too fast. RAW Kingsize Supreme Rolling Papers offer the best smoking experience, and nothing comes close to it.

Check out the table below for a summary of the features of RAW Kingsize Supreme Rolling Papers:

| Features | Description |
| ——– | ———– |
| Material | Made from a hybrid of pure unbleached raw fibers |
| Vegan | 100% vegan with natural sugar-based gum to hold paper together |
| Thinness | Thin to almost translucent, provides rawest form of smoke |
| Pack | Each pack comes with 40 leaves, each measuring 110x44mm |
| Burn Rate | Slow and even burning for longer smoking sessions |
| Taste | Unique and out-of-this-world taste guaranteed |
| Watermark | Patent watermark with a unique crisscross design that prevents runs |

RAW Kingsize Supreme Rolling Papers far exceed your expectations and offer you the best and most memorable smoking experience ever.

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