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Raw Rolling Paper Tips

RAW Rolling Paper Tips: The Ultimate Solution for a Sturdy Smoke

If you are a smoker, you know that the perfect smoke involves not just high-quality tobacco but also a sturdy, well-constructed cigarette. That is why RAW rolling paper tips have become a popular choice among smokers. These tips are known for their high durability, 100 percent natural material, and unrefined texture.

Made from Natural and Unrefined Fiber

RAW rolling paper tips are made from completely natural and unrefined fiber to provide users with the best smoking experience. Their tactile surface feels sturdy and robust, making it easy to roll filters of different sizes. You can make high-quality filter tips in just seconds with these unbleached tips. The papers’ durability is instantly recognizable from the first touch.

Reliable Filters for Any Size of Cigarette

Whether you prefer smoking large or small cigarettes, RAW paper tips are suitable for different smoking preferences. The filter acts as a barrier that prevents herbs from getting into your mouth, ensuring that you only inhale smoke. It also adds sturdiness to your cigarette, guaranteeing that it does not crumble easily.

Made without Chlorine or Other Chemicals

Unlike most paper products, RAW papers do not contain chlorine or any other harmful chemicals. This makes them a healthier and more sustainable option for smokers who care about their health and the environment. The filter papers come in a pack of 32 individual tip sheets, and you can choose between a single pack, three packs, or a box of 50 packs to suit your smoking needs.

Exceptional Construction Using Fourdrinier Machines

What makes RAW rolling paper tips stand out from other products is their construction process. Typically, most paper products are made from boiled cellulose, which is less reliable and less durable. However, for tipping paper to perform optimally, it must be constructed from fiber rather than cellulose. To make the tips’ high-quality long-fiber paper, RAW uses Fourdrinier machines, which are expensive to operate and rare to find.

Trustworthy and Durable RAW Tips, Made in China

RAW discovered that one of the few remaining paper mills still using Fourdrinier machines is in Northern China. This, coupled with the fact that thinner paper products from RAW are made in Spain, means that the company can deliver the most durable and reliable rolling paper tips. Smoking enthusiasts trust RAW rolling paper tips because of the company’s commitment to producing high-quality products.

Table Comparing RAW Tips with Other Paper Filters

Product Material Chemical-Free Durability
RAW Rolling Paper Tips Unrefined fiber Yes High
Zig-Zag Rolling Papers Unspecified No Low
JWare Pre-Rolled Tips Unspecified No Medium


In conclusion, RAW rolling paper tips are the ultimate solution for smoking enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality and durable filtering options. The papers are made from completely natural and unrefined fiber, which not only ensures that they are healthy but also makes them environmentally friendly. Unlike other paper filters, RAW rolling paper tips are made without harmful chemicals and come in different sizes to accommodate different rolling preferences. Their exceptional construction process using Fourdrinier machines and the company’s commitment to quality assurance guarantees users nothing but the best smoking experience.

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