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roll uh bowl portable silicone bong

The Revolutionary Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong: The Game Changer in Water Pipes

Looking for a bong that will change your smoking experience? Look no further because the Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong is here to revolutionize the way you smoke. This innovative water pipe is a step up from the typical glass materials used in bongs. Instead, it uses Grade VI healthcare silicone for its body, creating a unique structure that combines simplicity with functionality.

The Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong boasts a columnar shape, which is the ultimate design for bongs. It comes complete with a downstem and a bowl, made with composite materials and anodized alloy respectively. To make cleaning the pipe quick and straightforward, the included Eject-A-Bowl technology lets you remove the bowl in a jiffy.

One of the most exciting features of the Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong is its wide range of colors to choose from. With vibrant hues and even glow-in-the-dark versions, your smoking experience is sure to be elevated. Also, when it comes to cleaning, this bong’s dishwasher-safe design makes keeping it sparkling clean a breeze.

Aside from being odorless and flavorless, the Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong is made with reliable American-sourced silicone, ensuring users of a high-quality product with long-lasting durability.

One unique aspect of the Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong is its collapsible design. The bong’s body easily folds down into a size that fits in the palm of your hand. The downstem and bowl are conveniently placed inside the folded bong, allowing for easy and organized transport. The downstem comes in at a 45-degree angle, with a female joint compatible with 9mm bowls. Even better, you can flip the bowl and use it as a male joint, making the water pipe suitable for wax concentrates.

The versatility and convenience of this bong are second to none. With its innovative design combining both style and functionality, the Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong is truly the game-changer everyone needs to try.


| Features | Details |
| Material | Grade VI healthcare silicone |
| Downstem and Bowl Material | Composite material and anodized alloy |
| Downstem Thickness | 9mm |
| Eject-A-Bowl Technology | Quick disassembly of the bowl for easy cleaning |
| Color Choices | Multiple vibrant hues available, including a glow-in-the-dark option |
| Dishwasher-Safe | Yes |
| Odorless and Flavorless | Yes |
| Origin | American-made for added reliability |
| Collapsible Design | Easily folds down into a palm-sized shape for convenience and storage |
| Joint Angle/Compatibility | 45-degree angle with a female joint compatible with 9mm bowls |
| Versatility | Can use the bowl as a male joint to accommodate 14mm female nail sets |

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