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SMK Ultrafine Single Wide 1-º Rolling Papers

Experience the Luxury of SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers


Looking for high-quality rolling papers to elevate your smoking experience? Look no further than SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers. Made by Miquel y Costas & Miquel in Spain, a company with a rich heritage in crafting premium rolling papers since 1879, SMK Ultrafines deliver nothing short of luxury to your hands.

Unparalleled Quality

With fifty leaves per pack and premium-quality natural gum, these thin and delicate rolling papers allow for a tight seal around your smokes, ensuring a smooth draw and smoke every time. But thatís not all. SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers are so fine that you can even read through them. These slow-burners create a fine paper cloud that gently envelops your tobacco, enhancing its natural flavor and quality.

The Perfect Fit For Your 79mm Roller

Measuring at 70 x 45mm, SMK papers are perfect for any 79mm roller, making them ultra-convenient for all. Rest assured knowing that youíll never be left with clunky, thick-leaved cardboard monsters that lack in quality in your hands. SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers elevate your smoking game by adding premium luxury to every smoke.


In conclusion, the modest price for such a world-class quality product that SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers offer is mind-blowing. These papers allow for the flavor and quality of your tobacco to shine, while the thin paper cloud gently enhances the smoking experience. Try SMK Ultrafine Single Wide Rolling Papers today and experience the sensation of luxury as you savor every smoke.

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