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The Borodirect Female Reclaim Catcher

The Borodirect Female Reclaim Catcher: The Perfect Addition to Your Oil Rig

If you’re in search of the perfect add-on for your male-jointed rigs, look no further than the Borodirect female reclaim catcher. Featuring an 18mm female dome for easy attachment and a clear glass design that allows you to monitor the device’s performance, this reclaim catcher ensures that you get the best results for your concentrates.

No more sticky messes, no more hardened oils, and no more lost concentrates. With the Borodirect female reclaim catcher, you can collect all of your concentrates without worrying about residue getting stuck in your rig. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean hit every time, thanks to the catcher’s ability to trap excess oils and prevent them from entering your lungs.

What Makes the Borodirect Female Reclaim Catcher Stand Out?

Clear Glass

Unlike other reclaim catchers on the market, the Borodirect female reclaim catcher features a clear glass that allows you to see what’s happening inside the device. This transparency is vital, as it allows you to monitor the performance of the device and ensure that everything is working as it should.

90-Degree Joint

The joint in the Borodirect female reclaim catcher is angled at 90-degrees, ensuring a proper fit for all accessories attached to it. This design feature is especially important because it allows the device to fit all of the necessary components without compromising the quality of the hit.

Female Joint

The Borodirect female reclaim catcher features a female joint that allows it to fit all male-jointed pipes and accessories of the same size. This feature ensures that the device is versatile enough to work with many different rigs in the industry, making it an ideal addition to your collection of smoking tools.

14mm Joint

The Borodirect female reclaim catcher features a 14mm joint size, which allows all accessories of the opposite gender to fit seamlessly into the device. This design feature makes it easy to connect the catcher to other accessories, ensuring that you get the maximum results from your concentrates.

Reclaim Catcher

Finally, the reclaim catcher is the branch of the joint that contains dishes that connect to the bottom joint. When using this device, oil will trickle down into the residue through the reclaim catcher. This design feature ensures that you collect all of your concentrates and that no valuable oils go to waste.

In conclusion, the Borodirect female reclaim catcher is the perfect addition to your oil rig. With its clear glass design, 90-degree angled joint, female joint, 14mm joint size, and reclaim catcher, this device stands out among the competition as the most versatile and effective tool for collecting your concentrates. Invest in one today and experience the best hit of your life!

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