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The Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker

Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker: The Perfect Vaping Apparatus

Are you in search of the perfect vaping equipment that makes your vaping experience more enjoyable? You have come to the right place. The Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker is one of the best snow-vape rigs on the market. This apparatus is excellent for both beginners and advanced vapers, given its unique features.

Features of Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker

Clear Glass

The beaker is made of clear glass that lets you observe how the concentrate flavors within the beaker. It is the perfect feature for those who enjoy watching their vapors.

Colored Glass

Another unique feature of the Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker is its colored glass. The glass comes in various colors, making it attractive to people with different preferences. The colored glass also gives it a unique feel.

Male and Female Joint

This apparatus comes with both male and female joints. The male joint is ideal for those who have female counterpart accessories, while the female joint is good for those who have male counterparts’ accessories to associate.

Thick Glass

The thick glass is an excellent feature of the Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker. It enhances longevity and durability. Vapers love it because it is strong and can withstand accidental falls or hits.

Enhanced Filtration and Percolation

The Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker has three holes that allow for maximum filtration and percolation. It enables your vapor to cool immediately, providing a fantastic cooling effect. The mouthpiece is also perfectly designed to create an airtight seal during vaping.


The Borodirect Mini 10mm Snowman Beaker is a perfect vaping apparatus with unique features that offer a fantastic vaping experience. Its features include clear and colored glass, male and female joints, thick glass as well as enhanced filtration and percolation. Purchase one today to experience a fantastic vaping experience.

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