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The Pulse Glass Female Bowl

Experience Superiority with the Sturdy Pulse Glass Female Bowl

If you want to personalize your female joined rig or water pipe, consider using the Pulse Glass Female Bowl. Many vapers are turning to this glassware for its numerous benefits. Made in the United States, this equipment boasts thick glass for superb durability and strength. It comes with a clear glass, a one-inch twisted handle that allows you to grip it firmly, attractive real platinum Pulse Glass decals, and an inbuilt glass screen to prevent ash from falling over.

Features of the Pulse Glass Female Bowl

American Glass
This glassware is hand blown and certified in the United States for its reliability, durability, and sturdiness.

Clear Glass
With a sleek and clean glass, you can easily observe the water and concentrate function of your rig pipe.

Deep Bowl
Enjoy the deep bowl that holds a significant quantity of tobacco or dry herbs in one go.

Female Joint
The female joint sticks effortlessly to your male joint without breaking a sweat.

14MM Joint
The 14mm joint fits effortlessly into accessories and pipes of the opposite gender.

Choose the Pulse Glass Female Bowl for a superior vaping experience.

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