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AK-48 Marijuana Strain

The Potent AK-48: A Strain That Packs a Punch

AK-48: a name that brings to mind power and potency. And this strain certainly lives up to its name. While it may not have the same lethality as a firearm, AK-48 is a force to be reckoned with. This indica dominant hybrid boasts a unique effect that stimulates the mind while simultaneously relaxing the body.

Derived from a crossbreed of Ice and Jock Horror, AK-48 also has Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights, and Shiva in its lineage. Its aroma is intense, with a mix of citrus and other scents. The effects of AK-48 are nothing short of impressive: it’s known to elicit feelings of happiness, energy, and can even help alleviate stress and depression.

However, as with any strain, there are potential negative side effects. Dry mouth is a common occurrence, as is paranoia. But for those seeking an invigorating and relaxing experience, AK-48 is certainly a strain to consider.

The Genetics of AK-48

AK-48 is a hybrid strain with a predominantly Indica profile. It is a descendant of Ice and Jock Horror, two renowned strains in the cannabis world. Additionally, it has Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights, and Shiva in its lineage.

The Effects of AK-48

AK-48 is popular for its unique effect of stimulating the mind while relaxing the body. This strain is known for inducing feelings of happiness and energy, making it a perfect daytime strain. It is also effective in reducing stress and depression levels.

Potentially Negative Side Effects

Like many strains, AK-48 may have some negative side effects. Dry mouth is a common one, but paranoia is also a possibility. It is essential to use moderation and stay hydrated when using AK-48.

AK-48: The Quick Summary

Genetics: Ice x Jock Horror, Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights, and Shiva
Classification: Indica dominant hybrid
Scent/Flavor: Intense aroma, citrus flavor with other scents
Positive Effects: Stimulates mind, relaxes body, induces happiness and energy, reduces stress and depression
Potentially Negative Effects: Dry mouth and paranoia

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